Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ahoy, Bratislava!

Welcome to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia! We've spent a short, but fun filled weekend in the quiet, beautiful town.
This is the suspension bridge that goes over the Danube River. The forest on the other side of the river is actually where the Iron Curtain used to be 23 years ago. It was interesting to hear about the Communist reign from a real Slovakian. She is very happy to be able to visit neighboring countries again. In fact, the same trail that we were walking is 90 kilometers long and goes all the way to Austria. Next time I come, I'll be sure to bring my bike. 

This is part of the original Old Town. There are very few shops, but tons of pubs, restaurants and cafes. If you're hungry, you will be fed and fed well. I would recommend getting a potato pancake! So good! So fluffy!

While in Bratislava, I would also recommend finding the local honey shop. Their, you'll find anything from honey with ginger to honey with lavender. The shelves are lined with honey with different flavors along with honey candles and soap. The shop keeper is also really nice, which is a plus. I bought four jars. :)

Bratislava has been incredibly relaxing. I am so glad we came. The perfect break before our final days in Prague.

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